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How I Learned About Blogs

Part 1

My husband (who works in educational technology and knows every cool computer thing there is):

You should really put your bookmarks in del.icio.us. Let me show you–

Me, interrupting: I’m fine with the regular bookmarks.

Him: But I could send you cool sites really easily-

Me, interrupting: Nah.


Him: Can I show you how to use tabs on the browser? Then you wouldn’t have windows all over the place.

Me: Why? This is fine.

Him: I promise you that you’ll find tabs better than windows–

Me: Nah.


Him: Let me show you Jott. You would love this. You speak a message into your cell phone and it transcribes it onto your email.

Me: I just like to write things down.

Him: Just try it.

Me: Nah.


Him: I could show you some blogs that you would love.

Me: I’m really not interested in reading the online diaries of college students.

Him: That’s really not what blogging is all about. I promise you–let me just show you-

Me: I don’t have time for that.


Him: I’ll help you set up a Bloglines account to keep track of those news sites you read that have RSS feeds if you want to.

Me: RSS feeds? What the hell are those? Ha, ha–look at me, the educational technology nerd! I love RSS feeds, and CSS scripts JBRLTY programs! Look at my pocket protector!

Him: I’m done with you.
Part 2

I got an email from a high school friend suggesting a few blogs that she found relating to motherhood. I immediately clicked on them. One was blue milk. It was absolutely unbelievable. I was in awe. I started a blog.

Now I can’t survive without blogs, browser tabs, Jott, and Bloglines. (At least I’m only mildly interested in my del.icio.us account. It wouldn’t do for my husband to be 100% right.)


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