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I’ve actually written quite a bit on here lately, despite what that nagging calendar on the sidebar says. But, happily for anyone who chances upon this page, I have kept most of it marked draft because there seems to be very little happening in my head or my life unrelated to throwing up and pregnancy nausea. I’m following, so far, the precise script of the first two times, so should be eating happily again in April. As much as I wish I was one of these glowy, energetic, and blissful pregnant types, I’m more the type who shrieks, “Oh, god, did someone just mention wheat bread?! I’m gonna be sick!as I run to the bathroom.

And while the lovely people with whom I am lucky enough to communicate through blogging would surely say kind, compassionate things and have good advice in the midst of day after day of listen-to-how-I-got-sick-today posts, I can’t, in good conscience, take up their very few extra minutes with woe-is-me, I’m-so-sick stories. Not that I complain, though. . . (Wow!–did you hear that derisive and mirthless laugh from close friends and family from coast to coast? Fine–I complain to them, but they are stuck with it because they’re stuck with me, and I’ve given up self-censorship and excessive politeness with them many years ago–the beauty and price of very long friendships . . .)

The good part: When a four year old races into the bathroom behind you to pat your back and murmur: “You’ll be OK,” with a little brother behind him screaming: “God bless you, Mommy! God bless you, Mommy!” even throwing up can be fun.


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When children are sick, and changes are afoot, and midnight and 3pm seem about the same, and other things besides blogs need to be written, the only things I can come up with seem to be Twitters.

Twitter: Yet another technological thingamajig that I had a good laugh at my husband for suggesting to me–I believe my exact words were something like….”Ha, ha, you’re a narcissistic stalker!” He showed me his account–his colleagues use it at work for telling each other…well, I didn’t really read it, read it because it was too boring, but they use it to give updates to each other. Why I would profess to assume that anyone would want daily, hourly, minute-by-minute updates on my life was beyond me, and I certainly don’t need to get quite so involved in other people’s business.

But….then my sister moved far, far away, and I did want to know what she was doing all day as she acclimated to a new place, and assumed she wanted to know just what book I was reading to my children and what we had for lunch. And then I thought I recalled seeing this strange Twitter thing on a blog or two that I love, looked around, and there it was. If it’s good enough for Christine, it’s good enough for me.

And the true glory of it–I now know that a friend on the West Coast was making homemade desserts with her girlfriend to prepare for Thanksgiving, and know that today, a friend on the East Coast is getting out early from her job due to snow. These are friends that I have known since elementary school, and I used to know those daily details, but now I don’t. I always want to plan an hour of uninterrupted time to talk on the phone with them, or write a four page email, and really, it’s hard to do that often for all of us. But these little twitters–you can’t go beyond 140 characters no matter how much you want to–give me all those details that might not make it into a phone conversation or an email, and keep up that closeness we had when we were playing softball together or sitting in science class discussing our true 9th grade loves.

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How I Learned About Blogs

Part 1

My husband (who works in educational technology and knows every cool computer thing there is):

You should really put your bookmarks in del.icio.us. Let me show you–

Me, interrupting: I’m fine with the regular bookmarks.

Him: But I could send you cool sites really easily-

Me, interrupting: Nah.


Him: Can I show you how to use tabs on the browser? Then you wouldn’t have windows all over the place.

Me: Why? This is fine.

Him: I promise you that you’ll find tabs better than windows–

Me: Nah.


Him: Let me show you Jott. You would love this. You speak a message into your cell phone and it transcribes it onto your email.

Me: I just like to write things down.

Him: Just try it.

Me: Nah.


Him: I could show you some blogs that you would love.

Me: I’m really not interested in reading the online diaries of college students.

Him: That’s really not what blogging is all about. I promise you–let me just show you-

Me: I don’t have time for that.


Him: I’ll help you set up a Bloglines account to keep track of those news sites you read that have RSS feeds if you want to.

Me: RSS feeds? What the hell are those? Ha, ha–look at me, the educational technology nerd! I love RSS feeds, and CSS scripts JBRLTY programs! Look at my pocket protector!

Him: I’m done with you.
Part 2

I got an email from a high school friend suggesting a few blogs that she found relating to motherhood. I immediately clicked on them. One was blue milk. It was absolutely unbelievable. I was in awe. I started a blog.

Now I can’t survive without blogs, browser tabs, Jott, and Bloglines. (At least I’m only mildly interested in my del.icio.us account. It wouldn’t do for my husband to be 100% right.)

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