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We were waiting for my husband to meet us for lunch, and watching the people go by, looking for him under every umbrella and baseball cap . . . or floating in the pond or hiding on a rooftop.

Oh, there’s Dad balancing on the lightpost! 

No, there he is on the roof of that car!

An eagle just flew by carrying Dad!

A college student walked by, and I said, “Hey, is that Dad?” Martin replied, “No!  That’s a girl!”

“How can you tell?”

“Because she has long hair.”

“But our friend Joe is a man with long hair.  And Julie is a woman with short hair.  So how can you tell if someone is a man or a woman?”  I’ve been wondering a lot lately about what they’re picking up about differences, real and imagined, between girls and boys and men and women.  And now–will this authentic experience give me dazzling insight into how gender is being constructed in this young mind?  I waited with bated breath . . .

“Well, first I look at the head.  And then I look at its uterus.”

Aha.  All my questions answered.


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